Sunday, 11 December 2011


タイのお土産でこれもらったどーー!! ♪♪ BIRDY(バーディー)の缶コーヒー!!缶に見慣れたマークが付いてた。まさかあの調味料イメージが強い・・・AJINOMOTO? !Σ(・oノ)ノ

Received an interesting souvenir from Krabi, Thailand...a can of BIRDY Coffee!! The next thing that caught the eye was a really familiar logo. Could it be? That famous flavouring and condiments maker...? AJINOMOTO!! They do coffee too?! !Σ(・oノ)ノ

Pulled the tab and drank it anyway.

ブラックか?カフェオーレか?よく分からないけど、中途半端にミルクが入ってる感じww甘さはハンパナイ。駅で売ってる缶コーヒーの1.5倍以上甘かった。たぶん、タイ人向きの商品だからかな?タイフードって酸っぱい、辛い、甘いのが多いね。この缶コーヒー、そんなにおいしくはなかったけど、とてもおもしろかったわ~www ヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ AJINOMOTOの餃子が食べたくなった。

Was it black? Or was it Au Lait? I couldn't tell, but there probably were traces of milk. The coffee was also at least 1.5 times sweeter than the regular can coffees that I usually buy from the train station's vending machines. Since Thai food are often sour, spicy or sweet, I don't know, this product could be targeting the Thai audience. Haven't seen any AJINOMOTO coffee in Japan or Singapore yet. Not so suitable for me but nevertheless, an interesting souvenir to have.  ♥ ♥  Now give me some AJINOMOTO GYOZA!!

Watch the CMs and full line-up: AJINOMOTO BIRDY

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