Sunday, 22 January 2012

Kansai Obahan (Obasan/Aunty) full gear at FOREVER 21 関西おばはんコーディ at FOREVER 21 w

アニマル柄(+パーマー)と言えば、「関西おばはん」or 「おかん」のイメージが出てくるよね。

FOREVER 21で豹柄、タイガーアイテムたくさん見っけー!!w てーかアニマル柄オンリーコーナーやったwwwこちらがリッチ&つっちプロデュースS/S2012 Under $60 (?) 関西おばはんコーディ ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆ ww

Animal prints (and extreme perms) immediately call to our minds the image of a "Kansai Obahan" (An aunty/obasan from Kansai, West Japan) or an "Okan" (a Kansai mother/okaasan) because obahans have a particular liking for leopard prints.

Ricchi and I were taking a look at FOREVER 21 and spotted an area designated for animal print clothes and pants. We decided to do a Kansai Obahan Styling for Spring. Fierce!!
リッチ&つっちプロデュースS/S2012 Under $60 (?) 関西おばはんコーディ
 S/S2012 Under $60 (?) Kansai Obahan Styling (produced by Ricchi and Tsucchi)
なかなかええやんこのコーディ!♪ www   ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ_彡☆
ちなみにこのおばはんのものまねは!!!!! wwww さすが中川家!!

If you haven't seen actual Kansai obahan decked in full animal battle gear live action, you definitely have to watch Japanese and Kansai comedy duo中川家 (Nakagawa-ke)'s genius potrayal of the typical Osaka/Kansai obahans.

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