Sunday, 24 January 2016


Edward has scissors for hands.
I'm not losing out either. There's one on my hair! And antique one! Like what Sweeny Todd might possibly used.
Although it's tiny compared to my mum's vintage scissors, it's big enough to get some attention. There's no need to wear any other accessories as this piece is already detailed enough. Choose from gold or silver.
Unlike bobby pins, the clip clamps down hair quite well, and there is no need to keep fixing my hair. Bobby pins can be especially unsightly when used on light coloured hair. Therefore, this scissors clip works not only as a cute hair deco, but also like a fancy 18th century security guard who keeps stray hair in order! No more ugly bobby pins!
Actually I kind of regretted not getting a pair, because two are better than one!
Image from Born Pretty Store
If you are interested, click the link below to get one, or many!

Scissors hair clip/ $1.99 (I used gold)

��BUY NOW ��
Since you're already at Born Pretty Store, enter coupon code "LEET10" upon check out for 10% off regular price items + shipping is free!

There's still some stuff I got from the store, so a couple more reviews to come next!

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