Saturday, 2 May 2015

No longer in fashion, I am.

I am *GUESSING*, by now, most should already know I no longer work in a fashion company. I'm saying this because, until last month, I am still receiving emails asking to be "scouted" for free clothes or ootds of whatever-is-your-style. Hey no no no no no. Thank you. 

However if you're emailing that you are wishing to collaborate with me regarding graphic designs and styling (me wearing your clothes or me styling clothes for you), please, by all means, drop me a line!

Right now I'm employed at a place where you (say, mainly) get your cash counted, stored, and then counted again if you decide that you need to see them again. (See, this' why I told you not to email me about "HEY CHOOSE ME TO MODEL YOUR CLOTHES!") I'm not doing the actual counting. I'm also not the one seeking people to give us an opportunity to count their cash. This is probably why I've some freedom on my Monday-Friday fashion. If you're going to say, "hey I thought you said you no longer work in a fashion company?" Eh. shut up.

What you see on Mondays-Fridays will be a toned down version though, less the $5 Johnny Depp hat and the very elaborate dame choker by UNIF. Back lace tank top's from TOPSHOP six years ago and even alive! You see no lace because I'm not using a DSLR, sorry.
Sorry, had to.
Skirt's from quirky-kawaii ahcahcum-muchacha. Let you not guess, from Japan. If you clicked the link provided, you could tell that I probably wished I own a whole wardrobe of their stuff. Unfortunately, their prices are steep. This high waist skirt's a whopping $200!
Of course, to reiterate my current employment, presenting Richie Rich (Joyrich collab).

"Hey for the last time I thought you said you no longer work in a fashion company?"

To wrap up, again, please, stop mailing me your ootds or asking to be scouted. In any case,  if there's anyone who needs to be scouted, that person is me.
Just an in-house advert, scroll down or click here to view my Pikachu post featured on ZOZOTOWN!


  1. Sooooooooooo, you can't connect me with various fashion brands for free clothes? Damn...why have I been writing to you all these weeks, a time wasted! :D
    Seriously, I think it's funny they still spam you like that :D But then again, I think it's funny because they're not e-mailing me, otherwise I'd fall into an antisocial people hate :D
    I love this outfit you are so beautiful here! Wow, the skirt costs as much as my Witcher collectors edition :D
    Really missed your posts, hope you could post more often but I understand you have a life now, so unfair! :(

    1. I thought I finally had a life until I got buried in contracts and reports. But now I've got everything in place, I should be able to blog more regularly! (Actually I've got the contents for the next few posts in-line! Yay!) I haven't got chance to post the uber lovely video you made for me awhile ago!! <3


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