Monday, 11 May 2015


You know who else's on LB's Instagram?

Nah. Look closer...
*tears flowing* and with like 8400-ish Likes currently. Too good for an idiot like me. Thank you LB!!
There were a couple of people commenting either on my photo at LB's insta, or under my nose at my insta, saying that someone else they know look like me. Nope, just nope. All "lookalike" claims have been scrutinised independently by MY MOM (and pops). Please talk to her if you're not convinced. In fact I don't even look like my mom. If you're going to insist I look like somebody please say it's Mika Nakashima.
Will not except others. Well...maybe only Eva Mendes at most, said my Filipino friend.

Please visit my lame LB page here 
and DEFINITELY follow my awesome insta here


  1. Hahaha, you deserve much more, because your style kicks butt and you are as hot as a house on fire!
    One time a girl told me I looked like Liv Tyler....BEST COMPLIMENT EVEEER! Too bad I look nothing like her though :D

  2. Dear Keit you always say the nicest words to me!! <3 <3 And I can confirm you do look a little Liv Tyler-ish!


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