Friday, 7 June 2013

At Tokaimura.

My outfit screams "FOREIGNERRRRRRRRRR!!" or "HEYY I AM FROM TOKYO!!" because there's absolutely no villagers dressed like this in Tokaimura (direct translation: Tokai Village), Ibaraki. I'm no villager obviously, neither a Japanese to begin with, and, I don't care? Anyway here's the final Spring collection photo set in collab with my friends at KATE-KATY!! This time, they put me in a funny t-shirt!! ♥ Photos taken my a Tokai boy at Muramatsu sea-side (Muramatsu-kaigan). AIRRR-REE-GA-TOE! (British accent)

Left's Pacific Ocean and faintly in the background, a research facility called J-PARC (Japan Proton Accelerator Research Complex)

Found an abandoned sofa by the sea. Not bad!

The BROOKYLN hat (that came with VIVI/109 BOOK) was bought together with my friend Eri-chan so that we can do a "twin styling" soon. See her in the same cap, here.

T-shirt and accessories: KATE-KATY
Cap: VIVI/109 BOOK
Skirt← all-occasion item♥: GLAD NEWS
ではでは、よい週末を!Have a beautiful weekend, all!! 

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