Monday, 3 June 2013

Foreigner at Yurakucho

Yurakucho (Tokyo) is unbelievably convenient. It's the next stop from major Tokyo Station and a 3-minute walk to Ginza. Yurakucho is almost the awesomest place to shop in Tokyo. Everything one needs to buy from electronics aaaaaallll the way to branded stuff like Hermes, LV (at Ginza), anything you. Hibiya Park is near by too though I haven't got a chance to visit.

It's "ALMOST the awesomest" because one of Tokyo's busiest business districts and it's only logical that Yurakucho's target customers are the salarymen and the OLs (late twenties onwards). So, don't expect "younger" fashion like those in Shibuya and Harajuku and ridiculously otaku Akihabara stuff. Theses not-so-important cons aside, if you're in a rush to catch a shinkansen (bullet train) at Tokyo or a flight from Haneda Airport and realise you haven't done enough shopping, Yurakucho is the place to go!

Tip for people using JR PASS! If you're thinking to go to Ginza but don't want to pay that extra subway fee (like me), ALIGHT AT YURAKUCHO. It IS Ginza. Get out from Yurakucho's Ginza Exit and ...magic!! 

Scramble crossing at Yurakucho/Ginza
Super Express Nozomi (bullet train)  zooming past JR Yurakucho Station.

Bag the latest at MARUI CITY or exclusively for the gentlemen - HANKYU MEN'S TOKYO (right photos), catch a movie at Toho Cinemas or stroll the branded streets of Ginza.

The underpass to nowhere on the basement of Marui City, Parisan Tengu at HERMES Ginza and the occasional flower market outside Yurakucho Station. So much to see and explore!♪

And then there's a suspicious skater-foreigner turning the underpass into her private runway. Peplum top and accessories from the always lovely Kate-Katy, GLAD NEWS' very dangerous cap, Uniqlo's torn BF jeans, Thrasher skate-pouch and Dr Marten's cutest Adrian loafers.

By the way, here's one of my favourite places for lepak lepak kopi kopi relak one korner (tea time) at Ginza. Atas (up-class) DOUTOR!!♪


Yurakucho/Ginza Access

From Tokyo Station:
JR YAMANOTE LINE (towards Shinagawa/Shibuya)
JR KEIHIN-TOHOKU LINE (towards Ofuna/Tsurumi) - PEAK hours only. Keihin-Tohoku Line operates as a rapid service and skips Yurakucho Station during OFF PEAK hours.

Via Tokyo Metro (subway)
Ginza Line and Hibiya Line

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