Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Shabekuri face: Kime-gao しゃべくりフェース: キメ顔

Kime-gao キメ(決め)顔 means the "perfect look" or the "most ideal" facial expresion (usually for pictures or to impress someone). Horiken and Shinya demostrate.


Some think a kime-gao is cool, others just cannot stand it. If you fall into the latter, this is Senior Aripei's advice on how to counter a kime-gao.

キメ顔OKの人もいるけど、キメ顔が苦手な人もいるよね。キメ顔が苦手な人がキメ顔をされたらカウンターしたい場合(アドバイスby 有ペイ) :

関連記事: Shabekuri face. しゃべくりフェース

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