Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Gucci New Bamboo

Although I'm no fan of luxury fashion, if I have spare cash, I'd like a Gucci New Bamboo handle bag with cute tassels and bamboo parts (handle/lock).

The Upside:
This series' design is completely different from the orthodox monogram design that you see most people carrying. To be exact I haven't seen anyone carrying one of these on the streets. A cherry red one or a black one can almost go with attires of any sort, be it formal or streetwear. Also, it doesn't scream GUCCI into your face because you can't find any Gucci logos on its surface.
The Downside:
If you are a fan of huge logos and monograms, most of the handbags from this series have the apparent lack of it. But if you'd like one with monograms, they are also available.
However I still think those without the monograms look better and they could be easier to use.

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