Friday, 9 December 2011

デコロール Decorated (cake) Roll

Something uncommon to find at a local bookstore - recipe book on how to make deco-rolls (decorated cake rolls).
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模様入りロールケーキ デコ★ロールもっと作っちゃお! キャラ&動物編
Although they appear really difficult to make, after browsing through the book, it's not very difficult, just tremendously time consuming.  Each different colour is a separate layer. Here's the rough idea.
"Decoration" layer
All photos begining from here from: パンの香りに包まれて♪

First, lay out on the baking tray your favourite design using appropriately coloured cake dough. Bake this first layer for about half a minute or one. After this, you may add on with further layers (and then bake for another half a minute or so), or you may proceed to the second step - adding on the main cake dough to make the main cake portion.
the main cake
Third step - spread your favorite cream (no cake rolls are complete without that sinful CREAM) and add awesome toppings, if you wish (in this case, chestnuts).
Finally, roll it up and add on lines and final touches with dissolved cocoa powder using a brush. End result - a Pikachu Deco-Roll!!
Really simple yet complicated isn't it? The above is only a rough idea. If you'd like to make one, I'd suggest an actual recipe book. On sale at Amazon or Kinokuniya.

本屋でいままで見たことないデコロールの本見つけた。こんなのずっとあったんだ~~しらなかった!!作り方は難しそうだけど、本をもうちょっとだけ読んでみたら、そんなに難しくはないけど、時間と手間はかかりそうね。 パンの香りに包まれて♪ さんってすごいお上手!!作るのも焼くのもうまい!!ヽ(‘ ∇‘ )ノ ピカチュウのロールケーキっていいな♪ いつか作ってみようかな♪

お母さんに怒られそう~~ww  (,,#゚Д゚):∴;'・,;`:「何回オーブン開けたり閉めたりしてんねん!!」ってwww

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