Monday, 30 April 2012

Le Café Doutor Ginza ル・カフェ・ドトール銀座

Ginza 4-chome crossing, Le Café Doutor Ginza on the right.
Pour chocolat
Le Café Doutor Ginza entrance

Dropped by Ginza for lunch and spotted a "luxurious" version of Doutor, my favourite coffee shop, just diagonally opposite Mitsukoshi at the Ginza 4-chome crossing, slightly renamed in a French-sounding manner - Le Café Doutor Ginza.

Sounds like..expensive!

Indeed it was. Their offerings do not differ much from a regular Doutor, just priced slightly more. It's one of Asia's high fashion district Ginza we're talking about here. My jaw dropped at the price of my all-time love - the Millecrepe. 500yen is still, however, pretty reasonable compared to nearby Cafes like Gucci Cafe.
Le Café Doutor Ginza - 500yen vs Doutor - 350yen
Le Café Doutor Ginza has two levels of indoor seating and alfresco seating on the first. The alfresco area was briefly featured in one of the Crayon Shinchan episodes (おとしものですよぉ~だぞ).
Entrance and alfresco area by the sidewalk.
(Image from Inside Japan)
Shinchan in Ginza. 
(from "Otoshimono desuyo~ dazo/おとしものですよぉ~だぞ)

Le Café Doutor Ginza ル・カフェ・ドトール銀座
Tokyo, Chuo, Ginza, 5−7−2 San-ai Dream Center
(Ginza 4-chome Junction)
Nearest train stations: JR Yurakucho station, Tokyo Metro Ginza station

tel: +81 (0)3-5537-8959

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Official site:
Doutor Facebook Page:

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