Friday, 27 April 2012

Sadako(貞子) x HELLO KITTY

これ、やばい。これってかわいすぎる。「貞子3D」(5月ロードショー)とのコラボ!! (≧∇≦)
Hello Kitty's special collaboration with SADAKO 3D (The Ring), opening mid-May - is way too cute to be scary. Or it's so cute it's scary. (≧∇≦)

てーかーKITTYちゃんのホラーコラボはいつもパワフルですけど!! たとえば去年ラフォーレHARAJUKUとのコラボもすごかった!!(T▽T)ノ インティリアグッズがあれば全部買えちゃったのに!!(もちろんそんなグッズは存在していないORZ ww)

「ホラーかわいい」ってやっぱ最強なコンビだ!! ξ\(^。^ ))))) オーホッホッホッホッホ〜♪
Source: HELLO KITTY Mega Monster Cosplay Collection x Laforet HARAJUKU (2011)
For some reason Hello Kitty's Horror collaborations have always been powerful. Above's last year's collaboration for Laforet HARAJUKU's Halloween campaign - TOO CUTE!! (If only they were sold as interior goods...!!) Horror-kawaii, way to go!! ξ\(^。^ )))))〜♪♪♪

「貞子3D」の話の続きだけど、こんなPRって、おもしろくない?! wwww
Back to SADAKO 3D, Sadako did the opening throw for a baseball match. Too interesting a movie promotion!

More Info:
貞子 (Sadako) 3D official site (not sure if she will crawl out from your monitor)↓

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