Monday, 12 January 2015


Exactly, bummer. I'm supposed to be at work today but landed at the clinic instead, AGAIN. AND ON A MONDAY. AGAIN.

What I dread about a Monday clinic -
1. The queue is exceptionally long because we know that it's an open secret that at least 50% of Monday illnesses are feigned. Please, get the hell back to work and give those who are dying a chance to see the doctor! Fortunately there were two doctors on duty today so I didn't die while queuing.
2. No matter how legit my symptoms are, there is still a high chance I'll be associated with those morons in (1) the next day I return to work. HEY! STOP IT OKAY?

Talking about bummer, I do actually have a bummer t-shirt, and some might already noticed on my instagram posts.
The face on Pikachu will be the face I make tomorrow when I hear "I'm soooooo concerned. So if you are sick just go home!" loop for fifty times or "Oh, you are sick, really? HAHAHA" joke.

And so last week I received an email notification from ZOZO - a massive online shopping mall from Japan. They were going to feature me in the tee and the pants on Fig & Viper's product pages! "Certified by staff" apparently. More legit that Monday clinic goers I would say.  Boots are the ones featured on Dr. Marten's #ShareYourStyle app October entry.

Here's a screencap on ZOZOTOWN. You can find this photo here (Pikachu tee) and here (heart cut-out boys denim). I'm pretty sure I got all the good DNA from my mum and dad so I'm not sure why they cropped my face. (I'm hoping it's the problem with their layout.)

Here's the original photo with half of my face.
Was wearing the exact same thing on Saturday when I was approached by a slimming centre promoter who tried to pass me a flyer. I just gave it to her, like, "HELLO? I AM WEARING A CROPPED TOP? If I'm oversized, WHERE DO YOU THINK I GOT THE CONFIDENCE FROM?". Hey, I worked freakin' hard to put myself into these tiny jeans. If there were anybody else who needed a slimming treatment it's the promoter herself.

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