Monday, 5 January 2015


A little delayed Happy New Year to all!!

My mom was nice. On day two, the first working day of the year, she started my year by giving me a mysterious scolding. Didn't know what's that for and still don't know.

2014 ended on a very happy note. In mid-Nov I was informed that my entry won their October "Share Your Style" app thing! HOW WAS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE? "Overjoy" is an understatement. Like, waaaaaaay too happy. I mean, how many people on Earth has this chance? Perhaps 12 humans a year. Could be a little more. I swear all my luck in 2014 was used up in this and over-drafting a little into 2015's.

You guys probably seen the entry some time ago. (Recoloured version on the right side of this page!) BUT ANYWAY, YAYS!!
Docs in here are a pair of Pascal. Usually Docs are lined with yellow thread, but this thread used in these is white. Why I even bought this pair of Pascal is simple. BECAUSE MY LOVE (Tsuyoshi Domoto) WORE THESE, or rather something similar,  IN HIS DRAMA!! HOW CAN YOU NOT BUY WHEN YOUR FAVOURITE GUY WEARS THEM?
The screen cap is super blur, but you get it. By the way this drama is supposed to be a lousy parody of Ghostbusters. So lousy it's gooooooooooooooood. My white shoe laces are almost dying, so time to get a longer pair of laces like his! I just went to DM yesterday and totally forgot to buy anything. SHOKKU. AHO. BAKKKA.

The perk of being the month's selected human is, you get to choose a new pair of Docs. Tried my best to make it worthwhile:
And I think I made a right choice. Even one of the senior management at my workplace was digging them. This should be from the latest collection. Tattoo pattern never fails!

*Wears Docs in tub*


  1. ROFL! You always crack me up you crazy! The new docs are fierce, love the bath tub shot, so model-like :-D Haven't heard of this movie, but gonna search for it now! You've spiked my interest!

    1. You can search for "tenma san ga yuku" or 天魔さんが行く. The last time I saw it was on dailymotion!


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