Sunday, 21 December 2014

A very confused neogirl look.

This 2nd hand Snidel cropped top which was waaayy cropped than it appeared on the website, a "Japanese Rose" bikini set courtesy of touchmeswimwear at orchardgateway and a couple of pinup girl themed earrings from bornprettystore. I tried to piece up these latest items in my wardrobe to see if they ever work together.

The result? A very confused neogirl look. Actually I don't even know what I am doing but I hope the result is satisfactory. At least, this look works at the pool! AND I am very grateful that touchmeswimwear shared the look on their instagram account.

The bikini set was worn as inner and short-shorts - a specifically banned item at my school.  touchmeswimwear's sets are pretty versatile - you can wear them both on land and in water! Keep the short-shorts thing at home or inside your hotel room though! Unless you don't mind getting photographed by curious folks at the mall or stalked by weird old men. #truestory #ohnoididnt I mean I've seen people wearing short-shorts with exposed g-strings at the mall and they didn't mind the unwanted attention. Damn those hipsters. Literally hipsters.

Stole a photo from touchme to show you how it looks from behind - cute lace up design!
And this is how stupid I look at the hotel pool. Yes, I was wearing specs to correct my blindness, as well as allowing water to go into my eyes as I swim.

In case you're interested in the pinup earrings, these are bornprettystore's clearance items and are no longer available. However they update new stuff every week, so please hop over to their site to take a look! If you ever buy anything, remember to enter "LEET10" in the coupon section to get an additional 10% OFF on top of the free international shipping they are already offering.

In mid-Nov, I was contacted by Dr. Martens who picked me as their October's Share Your Style winner! I'll update about that in a bit!

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  1. Yaaaay! Congrats on the Doc Martens thingy! And oh boy oh boy oh boy, you're as hot as a cup of coffee on Christmas eve! :D Love those panties! We have the same girls here. One time I saw a lady that had denim shorts so short they basically covered just her was weeeeeird!


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