Sunday, 15 January 2012

A Sweet Curry Ought Not to be Called "Curry". 甘口カレーはカレーとは言えません。w

One of the rare occasions I ordered a Japanese Curry (voluntarily) because GO! GO! CURRY (a chain Japanese Curry shop from Ishikawa Prefecture) was doing a grand opening promotion - the first 100 customers get to purchase curry rice at 55cents!! Despite being no fan of Japanese curry due to its apparent lack of spicyness, the price was a motivation for me to give Japanese curry another shot.
I tried and I failed miserably. My favourite from the whole box was the sliced cabbage.
And, YOU DON'T DRIZZLE TONKATSU SAUCE ON MY PORK CUTLET. NO!! That move was devastating. It would have been a lot better without the extra Tonkatsu sauce. Well, maybe this was just not the shop for a "Japanese curry". I should go to Cocoichi if I ever want to eat a Japanese curry again, or I should just make it at home. "Just boil everything in hot water!"

A "Japanese Curry" is categorised as a western food (洋食) because it first originated from the home of all curry - India, first brought to England and then during the 18th Century to Japan by the English.

My belief is, something that is not spicy ought not to be called a "curry". Japanese curry is slightly sweeter than what I expect of a "curry". The Japanese Curry is, of course delicious, only if I eat it not thinking that it's a kind of "curry" and consider it as a totally novel dish. It's a good Japanese dish but it becomes only so-so when I compare it side by side with Indian Curry. (I love Indian Curry!!) I was thinking, instead of calling a "Japanese curry" a "curry", we should name it something else... Probably something like "Rice served with Herbal Gravy".

Apparently I have an ally, Downtown's Matsumoto, who has the exact "A Sweet Curry Ought Not to be Called 'Curry'" thinking, except he thought of it faster than I did,  suggested a better name like "FLINFON", and VERY ANGRY!! www

By the way, This IS the true CURRY♥

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