Monday, 19 December 2011

Jeremy Scott x Tsucchi x Sacchi

Currently on Adidas's Original's Facebook page is its holiday campaign -  get the gift: adidas Originals Holiday Hookup with Snoop Dogg and Jeremy Scott on Facebook - "hook your friends up with a personal greeting straight from Snoop Dogg or Jeremy Scott". (submission is now closed but you can click to view videos and other on-going activity) Submitted my entry already knowing that chances of getting a slot would be a ZERO. Unexpectedly, my message got into the next round of selection.

AND HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY HAVE HAPPENED!? Eventually, my Janglish (Japanese-mix-English) message PICKED AND RECORDED and sent to Sacchi!! This is the happiest day of my LIFEEEE!! (read this in Spongebob's voice.) \(*T▽T*)/

adidas Originalsのホリディーキャンペンで試しにさっちちゃんへのクリスマスメッセージを送ってみたけど、「どーせー選ばれないでしょ~」とずっと思っていたが・・・

メッセージがなんやかんやでラウンド2に入っちゃって・・・。ついに今日!!まさかのまさか!!つっちのメッセージが・・・・・・・・・あのジェレミー スコットに・・・・・・・・選ばれた!!Σ(・oノ)ノ  うっそうっそだと思ってたけど、ホンマやったわ~~まじで信じられない!!どんだけ運がええねん!!めっちゃうれしい!!♪♪ ジェレミー、adidas Originalsこの素敵なプレゼントありがとう!!\(*T▽T*)/ワーイ♪

Here's the awesomest holiday video ever↓↓

I'm crying tears of joy.

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