Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Russian Lunch!! 初ロシアン!


Won vouchers unexpectedly from Russian restaurant "Buyan". Kind of panicked because I wasn't prepared for an idea THIS NEW. (Russian food isn't very major in multi-racial Singapore yet, ya'know) Finally visited Buyan during lunch time yesterday. Ordered a 3-course lunch consisting of an appetiser, a main and a dessert. Anything from the main menu can be selected, except for caviar. (That's ok, I can't appreciate black fish eggs) All dishes were delectable!! Not so hard to accept as I thought (too much).

Appetiser/Soup - Chicken Lapsha (Russian Chicken Soup with Handmade Noodles and Vegetables)
One of the hot soup dishes. Examples of other hot soups are Borscht and Ukha. Somehow it had my omoni (mum)'s taste!! How incredible. A comfort food good for winter. I'm so going to try making this at home.

Chicken Lapsha
куриная лапша

Next up, main dish - Chicken Kiev  (Deep-fried Chicken Breasts rolled in garlic butter) served with Mushroom Sauce.

Chicken Kiev
Котлета по-київськи
The Chicken Kiev looked like a cute giant croquette. It bled BUTTER as I cut it open. BUTTTER!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME. The mushroom sauce was great as well. It went freakin' well with anything on the plate - the vegetables sauteed in garlic butter, and the chicken roll itself. Wanted some more mushroom sauce, but since it was fine dining, I tried my best not to make too many requests. Chicken Kiev is happy dish for a butter lover like me, not too difficult to make but its preparation just seems to take too long (as per youtube video recipes). I'll try making it someday, maybe♪

でかいコロッケみたい!!真ん中から切るとバターが流れてくる~~~♪ ガリックバターで炒めた野菜もとてもおいしかった!!ごはんが欲しくなる一品。作るのに手間かかりそうね。

Last, dessert of HONEY CAKE!! Like the powered up version of Dotour's already-fab Honey Millecrepe, just more fab and more honey. Definitely need to use some coffee for this.

Honey Cake
If you're searching for a new idea and have some budget, got to go to Buyan.

Buyan Russian Haute Cuisine & Caviar Bar
tel: 65 6223 7008
9/10 Duxton Hill, Singapore 089593 (near Flor Patisserie)

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