Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Nice hair whatever!

This photo is kinda badly taken and it doesn't show my hair. But I swear, I had a super nice hair that day! (And an effortless one!)
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See! And all I did was only tying up a bunch and twist a little.
The perfect hairstyle for a lazy person like me. And the hair clip with lots of golden stars from Bornpretty Store - so much bonus points added! Now it seems like I really made a great effort to style my hair. I don't care even if this is considered cheating. Hehehe!

By all means, try this style for office too! It's gonna add so much smiles to your day! ♥

And oh oh oh, if you remembered my post from awhile ago, my party styling didn't go as planned, but it still turned out pretty well overall! My friends were quite impressed by my cute shades (also from Bornpretty Store)♥♥
A photo posted by tsucchi ぀っけ (@inazuuma) on

If you like what you've just seen, you can purchase from the link below:
Since you're already at Born Pretty Store, enter coupon code "LEET10" upon check out for 10% off regular price items + shipping is free**!

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