Tuesday, 2 August 2016


So one day I was hanging at Tokyo Disneyland. here

And I saw this awesome tee inside one of the Main Street's shop windows.

I thought to myself, I have to get it even if it takes to pawn my Moschino wallet on the spot (if it's going to worth anything).

And I got it. 

To my surprise, it was only slightly under 2,000yen, more value than a hotdog set sold at the every end of the Main Street!

And why I do I want to take any chance not to make an all black outfit just for this tee? Especially when I bought some more black items from a Singapore/overseas designers' market the week after.xx
Lace up skirt from eight slate - A little tight now (reached the market too late, so couldn't get an appropriate size) and I'm training to fit better into it. A good reason to exercise a little more.

Ultra-warm-yet-light MA-1 bomber jacket from AMOS ANANDA. Items from this brand all are unisex. The bomber jacket is really cute with the zip details and the row of stars on my left arm. It was nice to be able to meet the designer, Amos in person at the market! (Items are available offline at Naiise stores yo!)

Here are the accessories wrapping up the look:
[TOP] Bornprettystore's "Geometry Pearl" bracelet "(top) - living up to the usability x cost performance of Bornprettystore's items, suitable for pop/mode! Going to feature this in my upcoming pop attire by the way. No trashy details required -  just 2 metal loops and a pearl. Perhaps just a suggestion to improve this bracelet a little i.e. let me be able to open a little more it when I put it on? Because now, it seems like people with wider wrists might need to wear it with a little struggle Otherwise, this item is niiiiiice.

Born Pretty Store▶ enter coupon code "LEET10" upon check out for 10% off regular price items (shipping is free)

[NEXT] AMOS ANANDA's chain bracelet →IG campaign gift from Amos, not sure if this is for sale? Would buy it anyway because...kawaii!! KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA


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