Sunday, 19 June 2016


Haven't got much opportunity to step up due unfinished projects, but heck, I'll just wear them at home!

These sunglasses haven't seen much sun since their arrival in Spring. It was either super cold, rainy or gloomy. And then when the hot days finally arrive, I'm stuck under aircon. >.< Can't wait for July when they finally get under actual sunlight!

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Summers in Singapore, especially in Japan are real and haaaaaaarrrrd. I'm glad the lenses are tinted enough so my eyes would get less toasted when I finally get out. Soon. Soooonnnnn. 
Classic scene from the first Spongebob Movie (credits to the owner)
Usually (well, not usually) when I get sunglasses, I'd choose brown or something close since I kind of suck at wearing sunglasses. I said "not usually" because I only got five pairs of sunglasses in my entire? umm, life so far. Thrice from bornprettystore though.

Leopard - good thru AW16/17
Pretending to be a Korean actress and only looking like having a toothache >.<
Click here to shop an array of sunnies! Plus, don't forget↓↓
Born Pretty Store▶ enter coupon code "LEET10" upon check out for 10% off regular price items (shipping is free)

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