Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cat's Eye ネコ目メイク

When one mentions Cat's Eye make up, Mika Nakashima probably gets called to our minds immediately, or in slightly extreme cases, Amy Winehouse.

ROCK, SEXY, CUTEって言う印象のネコメイクの代表はもしろん、中島美嘉ちゃんでしょ!!

自分もネコメイクしていて今年は4年目でーす!!w最初は美嘉ちゃんのマネしたくてかいて見たけど、以外と似合ってるからあのときからずっとCat's Eyeしかメイクしてない。ww

I've been doing this sort of eyelining for about 4 years now, I look good with it and I don't deny (lol).However I was never accepted by the general public. Most people who don't know me have pointed out that, this way of eyelining is "not normal", "unacceptable" and would like me to "look normal". Sometimes I get rude stares when I go downtown. Going to a shopping mall in pajamas or stepping into LV with slippers - these are what I call weird.

Never have I thought that what was once considered weird and unacceptable is finally being accepted!? - until I went a Halloween Tea. Enclosed in the door gift was a voucher.


まさかシンガポールでは、いまさら、この「変」「普通じゃない」ネコ目メイクが流行ってるみたい・・・!? ヾ(~∇~;) コレコレ 抽選でハロウィンティーに行くことになって、これが入っていた→ネコ目メイク一回無料券。
とりあえず見てみようかなと思って、見に行ったけど。行列がすごい!! メイクしてくれるスタッフが3人で、並んでるOLっぽい人が15人以上いた。でも逆にネコ目メイクが似合いそうな人一人もいなかった。やっぱり。無料だから、普段一般的な、「正しい」メイクしかしていないOLっぽい人たちは、たぶん無理してるかも? 無理せんでええよ~ よーく見ると、メイクさんは軽ーーく薄いラインをかいてあげてただけ。意味ないやんか。

From far we could see many OL (office lady)-like women queueing up to redeem their free makeover. There were at least 15 or more. None of them seem to go with this sort of  "unacceptable" make-up. Probably because it was FREE and they have decided to take up this challenge? On a closer look, the make-up artist only drew a fine, thin line, with a really short "wing".  ヾ(ーー )ォィ

テープを使って簡単にネコEyelineがかける!!OH!! FANTASTIC!! (~--)/(^^;) なんでやねん!
だから無理すんなって・・・(- .-)ヾ 無理せず、自分に一番似合うメイクすることは、ファッション、トレンドよりも大事だと思う。ヾ(^∇^)

Also recently on Facebook, the local branch of some cosmetics company posted this video. How to draw the perfect cat's eye with the help of tapes. Great. Of course I'm not going to teach any make up here, but this is what I can say. If you can do it, go ahead. If you can't do it, you don't have to. Do only what suits you best.  :)

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