Friday, 25 November 2011

L→P ★ 初心者仮面に変身したゾ!

After 3 months of battling with the gear, clutch, taxi/truck bullies and lousy bus frequencies and finally came the promotion from the L plate to the P plate!!
いままでの3ヶ月、ギアーやクラッチやタクシーかトラックを運転してるいじめたちや公衆バスのタイムテーブルなどと戦ったりしてやっと初心者仮面に変身できたゾーー!!wwよくやったわ、ほんまに。 うわははははははーー( ̄▽ ̄)ノ
From: お車でお迎えするゾ(1994)
Now I am safe for the road and ready to drive overseas too!! Safe driving only, of course!!
今日から普通に運転しててもOKだゾ!! もちろん、安全運転ONLY!!てーか自分の車はまだ持ってないし~ww とりあえず、免許取ったどぉぉーーー!!

Dear very handsome warm-up instructor, however, do not try to get me to wind or to stop winding my windows and do not touch my car's aircon switch. All are my own prerogative. Buttons and switches are in the car for a good reason, and every feature I activate or deactivate I do it for a reason.

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