Monday, 21 November 2011


Hario 1-Cup Tea Maker, Harold Wonderball Tea Infuser &
Afternoon Tea Earl Grey loose leaves
Received a lovely box of Earl Grey tea leaves from Tokyo and a tea infuser from Taipei from my dear Chikuwas♥♥♥♥♥♥ There was also a private sale at a mall so o-cha♪ and I were able to grab one of those cute Hario 1-cup tea makers for our coffee and tea. Now that I have proper equipment, maybe I could start a real tea collection!!

お土産でアフタヌーンティーのアールグレイティー(東京)とティーストレーナー(台北)もらったど!! 3939!!セールでハリオのワンカップティーメーカーも手に入れて、本格的なお茶コレを始められるかも!? wwww

The design of the tea maker is well-thought. The lid not only serves as a mere cover, it acts as a holder for the filter as well. (WOAH!) SGD$23 for two of these was too good a deal!

ハリオのカップってすごい。さすが日本のメーカー。フタはカバーだけではなく、逆さにすると茶こし置きにもなっちゃう!!よーーく考えてくれたね♪ ワンカップティーメーカー2つで$23なんてお得すぎるっ!!☆☆☆

TWG French Earl Grey (photo from
NEED TO GET THIS TOO!! TWG's French Earl Grey!! Can't describe its smell and taste but it's just... DIFFERENT! Maybe an appropriate word would be "classy"! You'd have to try it once to find out (although I know Earl Grey may not be everybody's cup of tea).  (≧∇≦)

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