Monday, 5 August 2013

Spiritual Punk

Sorry for the long absence! Work has been crazy the day I returned to Tokyo. So during the final weekend in Singapore I did a mix and match of my two favourite brands, Harajuku brand CANDY STRIPPER and lovely Kate-Katy from Korea which always give me styling tests.

Here's my treasure from CANDY STRIPPER - Spiritual Punk culottes (skirt) in Mint colour, an item rarer than a Rare Candy from their 2012 SS Spritual Punk series. Bought this at their Shinjuku Store.

And then here's the first Kate-Katy x Candy Stripper look. The theme is Kids' Punk.

My dad would kill me if he found out that I climbed onto his antique side table to shoot this outfit. The ultra cute top is from Kate-Katy, socks from Adidas Originals and I am holding yet another rare item, a Sweeney Todd Bear Brick.
Oh yes, pardon the socks-only part 'cos no shoes are allowed inside an Asian house.

Next up, in the same culottes, theme's Street.

Studded Top from Kate-Katy and earrings, culottes and tights from Candy Stripper.

Fabulous creepers you say. Colour's nice and all but the soles wore off the second or third time I put them on. They have been incinerated awhile ago at the garbage centre I guess!
These killer printed sockings. Unfortunately they are starting to tear because I use, or rather abuse them too much and I am already begging the staff at Candy Stripper to help tell their designers to create more awesome ones for this year's AW season!! Praying praying!!

Up soon, my outfits for outdoor music festivals!

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