Tuesday, 18 February 2014


NEET - No education, no employment = this is me!!

The company I was working at decided that it should shut down for good and everyone lost their jobs on the last working day of 2013. HUHHH?  A business is not like your favourite instant cup noodles, dude? You don't make a  huge decision and get everything done in 3 minutes!

What's best, I wasn't even personally informed.  I was back in Singapore, but tell me people running web businesses don't know how to write emails. Heard about what happened from one of my colleagues. Told my parents and they weren't angry, in fact, VERY HAPPY. The company was not exactly the most desirable. What to do for the moment?  NEET LIFE!!

Shopping for Chinese New Year stuff at Chinatown and totally enjoying the night view at Swissotel the Stamford's 70th floor - waaay higher Marina Bay Sands' SKYPARK!

No thanks to certain people, I've been taking a lot of time trying to deal with lots of boring applications to get myself compensated the minute I returned to Japan. Got to consider myself lucky 'cos so far, all the public servants that I had to deal with (or rather, that had to deal with a foreigner like me) were aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall nice, some sweet and helped made the miserable procedures so much easier. Utterly grateful. 感謝感謝!! ♥♥♥♥♥

Celebrated the first day of Chinese New Year with the darling ex-colleagues in Tokyo. Shinjuku at 5AM in the morning was amazing. So many people waited for the first train to get home!

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