Sunday, 26 May 2013

Nemophila Harmony and Tulip World

Reeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaallli lucky to be able to see some flowers at Hitachi Sea Side Park at the end of April before returning Singapore. Born along the equator, it was the first time seeing beautiful spring flowers like tulips and nemophila, also known as baby blue eyes.  Photos and Insta-spam!

Nemophila Harmony at Miharashi Hill (miharashino-oka), Hitachi Sea Side Park

The final opportunity to view nemophila because they won't be able to last until late Spring (May). Cute baby flowers!! I'm such a sua koo (country bumpkin). Didn't know they existed until I first saw them. Why? Because they'd probably turn into ashes the moment they come into contact with the ridiculous Singaporean weather.

More photos of nemophila taken by the Park rangers here:
(Matching blue attire - striped top & chain tattoo tights courtesy of Kate-Katy)

Tulip World at Eggs Forest (Tamago-no-mori), Hitachi Sea Side Park

THE flower of the Netherlands. Tulips were also being exhibited at one of the conservatories at Gardens By the Bay. However it's a completely different experience to be able to view these fairies indoors and outdoors. In the "English" of embarrassing Singaporean office ladies "more authentic". HA!
More photos of tulips at Eggs Forest taken by the rangers here:
Gawd, their camera's awesome!! My android and digital camera didn't do justice to these beautiful flowers so please please visit their page! Can't wait to see the roses at the park when I return to Ibaraki!
 (Photo by Hitachi Sea Side Park)

Hitachi Sea Side Park 国営ひたち海浜公園
605-4, Mawatari Aza Oonuma, Hitachinaka-City
tel: 029-265-9001
Accessible via JR KATSUTA Station (1 hour 20 mins on Limited Express Hitachi from JR UENO, Tokyo)

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