Friday, 24 May 2013

Speak Good English? Only happens in Singapore lah!

An actual episode that happened at my Tokyo office, one fine autumn day.

Designer: How do you say "a lot of great discounts" in a few words? I'm making a banner for our home page.

Me: How about "HUGE discounts" with some impact? We use this all the time in Singapore.

Designer:  Awesome, thanks!

(Ex-)Supervisor, who doesn't speak any English but refusing to lose out to a foreigner and insisting on joining the conversation: OOOOHHHHH WAIT. I think nobody in Japan understands English like "HUGE". To make it easier, how about "DISCOUNT BIG VOLUME?".

DTP designer, rather reluctant: ooooooohhhhhh.ohhhhkaaaaay.

Me, not giving a damn any more:  Awesome idea, go ahead!

on the company home page

(not the actual banner)
(Good job. Allow your father to clap for you) 
Nobody in the world describes sale and discount using capacity. Now my English looks messed up. Conclusion? Don't know, don't use (If you don't understand, don't use it).

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