Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Too cool a cat

15 degrees Celsius...SPRING!! Which means time to dig out all those denim!! ...And throw in some cat items here and there. Though the bag's from AW2012 but I'm not one of those people who gives two shits about the "SS" "AW" categorisations or whatever you call them. As long I have something I like, I am happy!!

温かい春の午後にはデニムっしょ!!ネコアイテムをあっちこっちにいれたら自分流春コーデ完成!!www  ネコバッグは去年の秋冬アイテムだけど、正直、春夏コレとか、秋冬コレとは本当に知らねぇ。欲しい、かわいいアイテムがあればそれでいい


Denim Jacket & Cool Cat tee: Kate-Katy (
Denim cut-off skirt: Levi's Vintage/DIY
Boots: Dr. Martens 

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