Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Nightmare Catcher + GIVEAWAY!!

Today's post is special because I'm going to hold a first ever giveaway kindly sponsored by my friends at They're always sooooo nice! Before that, presenting the usual blog blabber.

It's the time of the year temperatures fluctuate on a daily basis. It's the time of the year I enjoy watching how Japanese people put on their outerwear. The TV keeps reminding us that it's still winter (winter=cold) and in the next few weeks it will start telling us it's already spring (spring = warm). However logic tells you that you don't need a fur/down jacket on a 15 deg Celsius winter day and you'll need a fur/down jacket on a 6 deg Celsius spring day. Unfortunately logic is inevident in most parts of Tokyo and it's a common sight to see people wearing too much or too little for their own good. "If I don't follow the crowd, I will be labelled as weird," what most of them will say. I'm not talking about the folks at Shibuya or Harajuku though. There, the colder it gets, the more clothes they wear; the hotter it gets the more they put on. (Okkaaayyyy I admit I am semi-guilty in this!)

Anyway, as if I gave two shits about being labelled as weird. I would be honoured someone labels me as "NORMAL". Also, my TV doesn't own my life and I am a huge fan of  LOGIC. That's why during this period I dump my fur jacket and downsize everything to a leather jacket + a thin MA-1 bomber jacket.

Two-piece pairing is a good idea when the seasons change because you can adjust accordingly to what actually happens outside. If it gets too hot, take out one. If it gets too cold, put on both. MAGIC.

choker - GLADNEWS
top- F21 Shibuya
skirt - Ironfist
MA-1 jacket - Uniqlo
leather jacket - WEGO

MA-1's was from Uniqlo. It was a steal, only 1290yen! (around $12) I was having a hard time deciding whether to buy or not because a farmer-uncle was also touching touching that exact MA-1. FARMER. UNCLE. FARMER. UNCLE. Bought it anyway because I thought I will pull it off so much more awesome than a FARMER UNCLE.



NOW, in collaboration with Bornprettystore (, we will be giving away this 5-piece ring set to 10 lucky readers. DON' SAY GOT LOBANG BO JIO!! (Don't say I didn't tell you of good stuff!)

Here are the four conditions that you need to fulfil in order to enter the giveaway.

1. Follow my instagram account (@inazuuma)

2. Follow bornprettystore at, (@bpsfashion)
You must follow both @inazuuma and @bpsfashion

3. Tag THREE of your friends in the comments of instagram post and tell them about Bornprettystore's 10% off all items discount code "LEET10"
If you can't find the post, please search using #tsucchixbps

Finish up, on this BLOG
4. Remember to leave your email address in the comments of this blog post so I can contact you if you are selected.

The giveaway will end on 4th March, noon (Singapore time) and winners will be contacted/announced on both instagram and the blog on the 5th.

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