Tuesday, 25 February 2014

shop open + giveaway preview!

Save the clothes and save the earth! My vintage/used clothing store is now opened. Click or the shop tab on top or hop directly over to THIS PAGE to browse and hopefully...buy something? I swear everything's really cuuuuute and so are the prices. Since I'm like a EMS shipping champion like most of you might have already known, I will be able to ship worldwide! Further, as a form of appreciation, I'll include candies or eco-bags for every parcel sent to thank you for helping me take care of the babies. いつ買うの?いまでしょ!(When to buy? NOW!)

Still on fashion today, here's a style that took me forever to post. Theme's 80's/90's and styled completely by the man at home. Not bad huh?

The leather jacket was 90% OFF from GLAD NEWS, almost free! I'm also (over)wearing Fig & Viper's signature cropped top. Out of ten times I wear it eight. If you see me wearing anything else during our meeting, time to buy lottery. Was looking for the same thing in a different colour but it was completely sold out. Bad luck!

I wasn't wearing blanket for skirt. It's a REAL SKIRT, an unreleased sample item from NOWISTYLE. They were dumb not to sell this awesome item because it was... entirely awesome. The only problem with it was, there wasn't a size S and I couldn't wear it properly without a belt. I'm letting this baby go because I am too small for it...please save it at the store!  http://inazuuma.tumblr.com/

Gave the style a poison overdose with the skeleton ring-bracelet that I got from a random store online. It's a highly sought-after item, out of sale everywhere. I was lucky to have been able to find it at all. I could have won a car at the lucky draw with that kind of luck. Maybe it went entirely to finding that bracelet. NOOOO I NOW WANT THE CAR.

I just want to tell you something before I leave to make dinner. Singlish says "got lobang don't say boh jio" (Don't say I didn't inform you of good stuff) - I'll be holding my first ever giveaway sponsored by my friends at www.bornprettystore.com!! Details will be up on LOOKBOOK, the blog and instagram (@inazuuma) tomorrow. It's gonna be a instagram-main event, so please sign up for an account if you haven't got one. You'll also need to tag a few friends, so please stop gaming, stop trying hard to make senpai notice you and go make some.  I was supposed to put it up today but I didn't have so much willpower. NEED DISCIPLINE!!! NEET DISCIPLINE!!

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