Sunday, 24 May 2015

Autumn-Winter 2013 looks' long overdue post.

Heyyyaaaa all. The weekend is coming to an end. Again. Hope you had a great one like me!!
So at the end of this beautiful week, I would love to share a beautiful video that has been loooooonnnnnnng overdue, like, at least one Autumn/Winter season overdue and I am deeply sorry about this. This video was made by my friend Keit from Bulgaria, who has been the nicest and sweetest co-worker I ever had at my previous fashion company. She was one of the reasons who kept me going in a dreadful workplace. No life? CHECKED - which was why I had no opportunity to share the video until today. I think, one of those days I was slaving away with my mate Coba-chan at company when we received this super happy video from Keit! Couldn't say how excited we were!

Now to the superest awesomest video someone has ever made for me and my ex-team!! Keit's happy styles never go outdated, so the styles she kindly created for us a while ago still very much applies NOW! ♥ Thank you so so so much, Keit! Blagodaria!♥ (← Hope I didn't get it wrong!)

Life, however is not all miserable at the ex-company, because we had each other - the best team ever. Here's a peek of the fun we had in AW2013!

In other news, I finally had a chance to update my online store! You may click "SHOP MY CLOSET" on top or here to see what I have that you can buy! Trades are welcome as well, if not, very much desired. Shipping/Trading overseas!
Am already preparing for the next post right now, so keep coming back yo!


  1. Oh wow!!!! Can't believe you shared my video! It makes me so incredibly happy! I was having a crappy day but you made it the best day ever! ^_^ I'm so thrilled you and your colleagues liked it, it really means the world to me ^_^ Yaaaaaaay! Thank you!
    Oh and loved the second video, you guys are adorable!

    1. No no no it's with the greatestestest pleasure to be able to share your video!! <3 I am happy that you are happy that I am happy too! !! Actually I started to search for the prices of the flights to see you in Bulgaria! I'm still struggling to plan my trip though. You know, the flights to Sofia are cheaper than from Singapore to Tokyo!!

  2. Btw, you should really visit us in Bulgaria! It's boring, but everything is cheap, so we're gonna have a swell time! :D


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