Monday, 22 June 2015

Kid trying to be adult.

Tried to be an adult and checked into The Westin Singapore over one of the weekends in May. Got a 42F Harbour View Room!! The hotel is located in the Marina Bay/Downtown Financial District. Now, that's some adult place. Usually I only care about whether a mall has a video games arcade. And, no no no, this is not a mediocre review of a hotel and its services. I am not a self-proclaimed travel blogger.
Trying to be in every frame of the panorama shot and messing it up.
Here's the room with a slightly different configuration of what I had, as shown on Westin's page.
Besides a Westin original "Heavenly Bed" loaded with plenty of "Heavenly Pillows" by the sea, there was also a bathroom with a spectacular view! Totally not minding having to sleep in it, or reading a novel comic in there. The room's TV was also showing Cartoon Network, so it would have been really awesome if there was a small TV in front of the bathtub. Okay, suddenly I am asking for a lot.

Oh yes the Infinity Pool on the 30-ish floor. It's almost the same view as my room's because why not?
Now I can finally say, IN YOUR FACE MARINA BAY SAND-ERS, or SANDS-IANS or whatever!

Growing up as a kid who was never allowed to order hotel room food , I took the opportunity to order a burger. It turned out that the patty was too salty/huge/cheesy for my liking to be a perfect chomps-worthy burger!! Oh the crispy lettuce, the cheese-covered juicy patty and some real chips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Room Service Realm is probably food-bloggers-free at the moment, because one would need to check into their own room first. Again I might be wrong, but, hey, you DSLR-auto-mode-shooting-foodophiles you stay away from my burger!


  1. Rofl, oh man, I have to be careful while reading your posts not to drink anything cause I always end up laughing like a lunatic and I might choke to death!
    OMG, I would live in that bathroom if it had tv :D
    I've seen a lot of bloggers enjoying pools like that infinity one, I want to visit one someday, it looks fucking scary!!!

  2. Buahahahaha Keit you are always so kind! I post crazy gifs, so it's really advisable you don't drink anything while you read visit :D

    About the pool, I don't understand the hype, especially when I found out that, the whole pool is just a borderless one, with a huge trench to contain the overflowing water below at the edge. Oh the reality.


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