Wednesday, 1 July 2015

That dress I wore while in the bathtub.

Did you see my previous post on hanging out at Westin? Glad you did! (Please check it out if you haven't, here). Today's post is a continuation, a.k.a the outfit part - what I actually wore to my little adventure, or if you recall, sitting in the bathtub.
Just in case anything goes wrong, I used black heavily and also items from the same brand "Glad News" in today's featured look. GladNews' the brand I always went to while still in Mito, Ibaraki, Japan as it's the coolest brand in the whole prefecture. Its main shop's in Shibuya 109. It's so popular, its kick-ass items are usually sold out as soon as they're released. I'm fortunate to be able to get one of these barb wire print dresses they featured on their instagram. The leather jacket's also from Glad News. (Got it for 90% off three years back! Muaha! Click for another look in the same jacket.)

If you look careful enough, the barb wires are all made of  bones. Horror-kawaii!

Added on a pentagram harness to toughen the look up further. I never thought I could win it from Tealecoco...YAYSSSSSSSSS!♥ Yes, I just want to tell people that I am tough and you don't tell a tough person to do unnecessary work! Nah.
Wrapping up the look with a pair of UNIF Bound Creepers - my first pair of DHL-ed shoes. It's my first time ever to buy kicks from the US! Weeeee! On this note, sorry for the lack-of-shoes styles that I posted a little earlier on. How's my IKEA rattan chair though? (It was cheaper than the delivery fees! Damn!)
Notice the lack of neck/arm accessories. Didn't put on any not because I forgot; there was no necessity.
But seriously, less is more!


  1. Hahaha, that's a fancy pants chair right there! :D I love Ikea, but Bulgarian Ikea is fucking expensive man, sigh.....
    Absolutely adore this dress, especially the neckline, I can see why everything gets sold out in no time, I'd be one of those crazy girlies tring to make my way through the crowd to get my hands on their stuff :D
    The shoes are the bomb, omg, chunky shoes are my favorites evah! ^_^

  2. You know, one day we should go shopping together if we have such a chance!

    And why why why!! IKEA is nearer to you than I! Why is it more expensive?? Anyway, even here, certain things have ridiculous prices though!

    1. Hahaha, totally pumped about shopping together, just remember I have to eat every 2 hours or I might kill someone :D And it's more expensive because stuff that are awesome from the outside world, get "Bulgarianized" here and turn into crap :D


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