Saturday, 18 July 2015

Makeup for my guts.

This fictitious commercial in Gumball. beyond funny.

Because, for the past few days, people tried sooooooooo hard to avoid asking me:
1. "So, tell me, the secret to your snow-white face." or,
2. "Hey, how you managed to keep your face so fair while tanning the rest of your body?"

or in short,


Thanks a lot to the product on sale at the drug store which claimed to cover pores. Just take a look on the effect one of the ugliest part of my body - my elbow... there weren't much changes, except it looked fairer and ugly parts appeared a little uglier. 
This product had only two shades, and the one I chose was supposedly the darker one. After thinly applying some translucent loose powder to finish up my face, look what happened...
Original on the left, adjusted on the right
I ACTUALLY HAD TO ADJUST THE REST OF MY BODY'S COLOUR TO MATCH MY FACE'S WHITENESS. It's unusual to even virtually tweak my skin tones! (Usually I adjust only the brightness/contrast.) Just a single application and my face looked like the New York Cheesecake you get a Maccas'. Perhaps you could define this as a sub-branch of "horror-kawaii".
The product can be forgiven if it kept to its promise of "smooth cover", but nope, my moon craters actually looked worse (you don't want to see), worse than what you just saw on my unsightly elbow.  Even Pluto looks better without all the powder. Beauty bloggers are gonna be like "ohhh a poor carpenter blames his tools".
Thank goodness this was only a photo shoot which can be saved with modern technology.

So what's the awesome product you ask, or what's my secret.  Presenting a poorly made drug-store decision... *drumrooooooooooll*  

"HEROINE MAKE smooth cover powder mineral"
The powder came in a cute black mirror compact and a fluffy sponge. I don't know how has the powder made me a "Heroine". Maybe it made me a few girl-otakus' idol for having a reverse ganguro look, or maybe it made me a heroine for my guts.

After screwing up my own face for a few days, I went to look up on its reviews online. Most "beauty blogger" reviews were for a slightly different version of this thing, and comments were from mainly positive to neutral. For me at least, the fluffy sponge will stay. It may be able to cook me a few burgers.

Disclaimer: I'm not a beauty blogger. I admit I only know how to smear my face with the BB cream, loose powder, eyeliner and cheek powder from the usual brands I buy.

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