Monday, 20 January 2014

much delayed.

So it's 2014 now and I noticed I haven't wrote a single thing for a few months! I will write more from now on and you will find out why do I have so much time real soon.lI also have one or two announcements to pretty soon too so please continue to stalk this (slightly) haunted place. (Yeah, my dad calls me a ghost.)

As if you haven't gotten enough of me for the day, here's some more. 2013 A/W styling for Kate-Katy! I've posted this earlier in December on LOOKBOOK, so if you've already seen it, thanks so much and here's a follow up post!

Theme for this outfit's "AMA x KARA". Ama x kara means sweet and spicy. Mixed a lady (sweet) item with a fierce (spicy) leather skirt and a pair of creepers. Kate-Katy always know what I want for the season - a burgundy leather skirt - something that I try to find unsuccessfully all. the. time.

Of course I don't end at sweet and spicy. I just have to wrap up everything with some toxicity. It's like a witch's cauldron. Throw in a bat, skulls and bones and you get a nice pot of poison. The bat choker and skeleton tights were from SLY's special Halloween collection. Really loved the choker. It's just too cute! The only thing about it was it detached each time I sneezed. In the end I had to send it back for a full refund. Just too unfortunate.

I'm putting this entire outfit on sale (minus the tights, shoes and accessories) so please write to me if you will be interested! The stuff were only worn once because I lost too much weight over the past three months and became a size S.

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