Wednesday, 5 February 2014

"Where's exactly is Singapore?"

"I've seen Singapore on TV, I want to go to that hotel, but where exactly is Singapore?" asked the officer at the Japan Pension office. He's nice. I was expecting his question to be like "So which part of China is Singapore at?"

"Welcome to Singapore." (Pirates of Caribbean)
I never expected the day I'd be asked such a question. Anyway we're not part of China. Nor do we wear ching-chong costumes like those you saw in Pirates. (Would love to put on the girls' costume though! Almost sure I will look awesome in it.)


Singapore is an Island-state, south of the Malay Peninsula, near the equator. We have four seasons - summer, summer, summer and summer. There are only three main kinds of weather forecasts - hot, humid or wet, with chances of  the same stuff coming in pairs or all at the same time.

(Believing in this report is like believing diet coke is healthy)

My friend on facebook shared this very nice video which I thought (too) that it was ALMOST PERFECT. It should give you a very good idea of what and who we really are.

By the way there isn't a race called "Singapore". It just doesn't make any sense. We're made up of a majority of four races - Chinese, Malay, Indian and Eurasian + other races.

And in the beginning I said I was "at the Pension Office". It's a mystery to be solved why I had to be there and the officer was talking about this hotel.
Marina Bay Sands. I know that you already knew on the top of three hotel towers there's a ark/ship-like structure (the SKYPARK) which hosts the Infinity Pool. But did you know that its actual function is that of an ark that you saw in the movie 2012? Rich people who are able to afford tickets will be able to get on-board when a 2012-scale apocalypse strikes. NO, of course not. It's just a hotel. (original "2012" story reported by The Noose.)

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