Friday, 11 July 2014

Live in Japan? Nah.

Very long absence + SORWEE!!!!!!! 

Here's the final styled-in-Japan outfit before I left for good! Hope you'll try something similar this summer (or not, your choice!( ̄ー ̄)) Fig&Viper's denim bustier used in this look was also previously featured in my late spring/early summer post over here and Ironfist's "Nightmare Catcher"skirt from my late winter look here.
Majority of the super cute accessories in this look were from as usual! The heart sunglasses, cross earrings, unicorn stud, lion necklace and a probably Cartier inspired nail ring in gold were all from here (THANKS!!❤)
This look was also an experiment for myself to see how many accessories I can throw into a single outfit before I start looking like a homeless person or the front of a garbage truck.
Few words of caution to those who are intending to get the unicorn stud. Although it's an excellent and super kawaii product, be sure to order two pieces if you intend to wear on both ears. Also, its needle and catcher parts are opposite from those of a usual earring i.e. the head's the catcher and the tail's the needle which made it quite difficult for me to wear. Make sure you have sufficient time to put it on before you go out.

BPS' simple gold ring could be Cartier-inspired or maybe not. Just saying was the first thing that crossed my mind when I first saw it on BPS. I am still trying to ask for saving up for the actual Juste un Clou thingy!
If you're interested in getting the same stuff + more awesome stuff from, remember to enter my coupon code "LEET10" when you check out!! Now, back sorting out my life back in Singapore! ❤❤❤ (My number/email address are all the same just in case you need to contact me!)

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