Sunday, 8 January 2012

Branded bags I fail to appreciate. センスが理解できないブランド品。

無料でもらえてもいらん。デザインするとき、何考えとったん?  私はまったく分からない。←ガリレオのマネw これらが駅ビルの中のブランド中古ショップで見たもの。しかし、「変わってるデザイン」と「中古ショップ」、何かのリンクがある!?

I just want to know what were the designers thinking when they designed these bags.  I can't appreciate. People do buy them. What were these people thinking too? Here are some I saw recently at the branded second-hand goods store outside the train station. (SECOND HAND STORE?! hmm)
Louis Vuitton Ailleurs handbag

BEACH on LEATHER. I'm not sure but it doesn't sound right. I'd like my leather bag in a "leather-colour" though♪ 
Louis Vuitton Monogram Graffiti Neverfull GM
Graffiti...yea. It would have looked better without all that "graffiti". Speaking of graffiti, one on a vandalised train was so detailed it was mistakened for a real advertisement.

Coach Poppy Tartan Groovy Shoulder Handbag

.....  and just when I thought Tartan can't go wrong...

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