Monday, 9 January 2012

Chanpon and Sara-udon at Shibuya! ちゃんぽんと皿うどん・イン・渋谷!

渋谷のJohnny's Family Clubから出てごはん食べるとこを探してるとき、偶然見つかったちゃんぽんの店。東京で長崎名物がいただけるなんてありがたぁい~♪「はしばやん」って言う店だよ~是非行って見てね!Johnny's Family Clubのすぐ近く(はしばやん宮益坂店)。

Ricchi, Kimchi and I were looking for somewhere for lunch when we left Johnny's Family Club at Shibuya. We then chanced upon Hashibayan (Miyamasuzaka branch), a Nagasaki Chanpon shop around the corner. (Nagasaki is in Kyushu, west of Japan.)
Chanpon ちゃんぽん
Ricchi ordered a Chanpon. "Chanpon" is a Japanese style Chinese dish and a Nagasaki specialty. Chanpon is a soup-noodle something like a ramen), topped with vegetables, seafood and meat stir-fried in lard. Its rich soup broth is derived from boiling chicken and tonkotsu (pork bones).

Sara-udon 皿うどん
Tsucchi ordered a Sara-udon. "Sara-udon" is another Nagasaki specialty it literally means "noodles on a plate" (not to be confused with those regular rice udon). A plate of chanpon noodles in tonkotsu (pork bone) gravy wihth stir-fried vegetables and seafood - here you go, Sara-udon. It's almost similar to Chanpon, just without the soup.

Sara-udon paripari (Crispy) 皿うどん パリパリ
Kimchi ordered a Sara-udon pari pari (crispy) and fried rice set. "Pari Pari" (or sometimes "bari bari") is another variation of Sara-udon. Instead of chanpon noodles, deep fried chinese noodles are laid on the plate, and served with the same stir-fried stuff and tonkotsu gravy.

If you're heading only to Tokyo but want to try some Kyushu specialty, Hashibayan is a great (an convenient) place!! They have a few shops near JR Shibuya Station.

はしばやん 宮益坂店
東京渋谷1丁目10−2 志水ビル 1F
Hashibayan Miyamasuzaka branch
10-2 Shimizu Building 1F, Shibuya, Tokyo

渋谷駅周辺のはしばやん/Other Hashibayan shops around JR Shibuya:

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