Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Not-so-instant Ramen. 味がインスタントじゃないインスタントラーメン

こいつやぁぁぁ!!外見はインスタントだが、味はちゃんと作ったラーメンと変わらない麺職人の鶏がらしょうゆ♥ うますぎてこいつと結婚したいぐらい大好き。麺がもっちりして、鶏がらスープの味もしょうゆの味もはっきりティスティングできる。シンガポールの町で売ってる高いラーメン($11~)よりも、こっちのほうが安くておいしい($4~)!! のり付き!! ご飯と相性抜群♪ Come on let's eat!! ww
Left: Condiments, Right: Soup pack
Nissin Menshokunin Shoyu Chicken Soup
Source: onakasuitakibun
Don't be fooled by its typical instant-noodle appearance. It's doesn't taste anything close to instant. The noodles are exactly the ramen noodles that served at actual ramen shops, and its shoyu-based chicken soup is as rich as the "real deal". Ramen selling anywhere in Singapore ($11 onwards) now is too expensive for me, so I shall be loyal to Menshokunin's Shoyu Chicken Soup Ramen. A bowl costs around $4, which is only a quarter (or less) of the price for a "non-instant" one! This is a weird suggestion but, eat this ramen with one or half a bowl of rice. AWESOME LEVEL UP.

SMAP's Goro Inagaki is the face of Menshokunin. Check out his really cute commercial! ♥

View the entire line-up of Menshokunin Ramen here:
(Tonkotsu, Miso, etc!)

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