Monday, 26 March 2012

Matsuya must be crazy ♥♥ 松屋ワンコインでこんなに!?

First time at Matsuya (a fast food Gyudon/beef rice chain) and was lucky because they seem to have lowered price of certain set meals (580yen→490yen)! The Pork Kalbi set on the campaign poster was shouting into my face, "EAT ME". Ordered that. They are running a free rice upsize campaign at the same time, so the staff asked if I wanted a bigger size rice or a mega size rice. I wanted only a normal sized one but eventually got a "big" because she was kind of persuasive about the free upsize!! Cute aunty-staff!!

初松屋でワンコインプロモがあって超ラッキー!!♪♪ 豚焼肉定食が90円値下げ!?90円!!ほぼ100円やん!!とりあえず豚焼肉定食注文!!(牛丼はまた今度!) 白ご飯大盛り、特盛り無料プロモもあって、スタッフのおすすめで大盛りにしてみた!♪

Less than a minute after the staff took my order, I was served salad in a huge bowl, and a miso soup. Did I mention that miso soup is free for all dine-in orders? Awesome. Love miso soup, love the salad.

注文してから1分以内、生野菜とみそ汁がキタァァァーー!!ってか、生野菜orサラダ、サイズ・・・デデ・・・デカッ!!!!!!(゚ロ゚ノ)ノ けどうれしい!! ♥  \(●~▽~●) 大好きなみそ汁も無料で付いてきててありがたい♪
A variety of dressings for salad and sauces for the main dish. Picked the goma/sesame dressing for my salad.

ドレッシングとソースもたくさん置いてあった♪ サラダのドレッシングは間違いのない「ごま」にした。大正解!◎ピンポン♪

Only 2 minutes since I ordered and came the main dish and rice. The service was SO FAST!! I haven't had a chance to touch my salad yet. Well, at least now my set is complete and here it is!!

スタートか2分で定食が来た!!ちょ、ちょっと待ってYO、まだサラダ触ってない!サービス早すぎっwwwwww 揃った定食がこれ!!↓↓↓
ドーーーーーン!!Σ(゚∀゚*) こんなにいっぱいで490円マジありえへん!!また今度行きたいなぁ♪♪

Everything here (everything HUGE) for 490yen (around SGD$7), hard to imagine! Σ(゚∀゚*) In singlish, "where to get this kind of deal!?" Matsuya just became one of my lunch time MUST-GOs.

Matsuya Foods' site, shops and access:

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